My Bucket List


  1. Attend a game or talk show as an audience member (I rock at Wheel of Fortune)
  2. Start a non-profit
  3. Learn to play another instrument 
  4. Write a novel (12/13, 8/14, 2/18, 11/18)
  5. Have a book published
  6. Go to Germany
  7. Go white water rafting
  8. Learn another language
  9. Live in a foreign country for at least a month
  10. Visit Austria and sing “The Hills are Alive” Sound of Music-style
  11. Go on a cross-country road trip (with lots of motion-sickness medication)
  12. Go para sailing  my birthday in Cozumel 2003…while I had the flu
  13. Eat real gelato in Italy
  14. Pet a penguin (If I were prioritizing, this would be toward the top)
  15. Visit a castle
  16. Learn to sew  (as of 2012 I can hem a straight line like nobody’s business!)
  17. Go to England
  18. See the 7 hr long Oberammergau Passion Play that happens every 10 years in Germany (next chance is 2020) May have to schedule this with #6 for efficiency
  19. Reconnect with a long lost friend
  20. See all the “important stuff” in Washington DC (I know, shameful I haven’t done this!)
  21. Do something unexpected for a stranger
  22. Pet a Koala in Australia
  23. Hang out in the Amazon rainforest
  24. Learn to sail a boat
  25. Set a Guinness World Record
  26. Go to a Broadway show in New York City
  27. Sleep in one of those fancy-shmancy glass-bottom “huts” over the ocean (high dollar Fiji-style vacationing)
  28. Go to New Zealand
  29. Run a 5K  (completed 8/12)
  30. Invent something