I know, I know, my own hashtag! Super fancy, right? The really cool thing, is what #JustAskJess means.  It means I’m all ears. I’m not an expert on EVERYTHING, but there is definitely a small (but very helpful) list of things I know quite a bit about. I mean, I write YA romance, so obviously I have some serious problem-solving skills (and problem-making skills, if you ask my characters!). And besides an author, I’m a wedding planner/florist/music lover, so you can probably guess what other things I’m all sorts of smart about! But just to help, here are some examples of things I’d love to help you out with :

-Anything relating to being/falling/wishing you were in love (except for things better suited to asking


-Friend stuff (let’s face it, sometimes friendship is just as hard as the love-stuff!)

-Need a song rec to get you through a rough time? Or help you celebrate a good one? (I’m on it)

-Basically anything having to do with planning an event! Did your sister just ask you to be her maid of honor and you don’t even know where to start? Are you planning a birthday party and need some creative ideas? Wonder what the wedding of your fave bookish couple would look like? Not sure what the etiquette is on something? You get the picture…I know (almost) all things wedding and event related!

Fill out the contact form (you can use whatever name you’d like) and I’ll try to answer as many of them as I can! You can also submit a question by posting #JustAskJess on IG (tag me, too @jessicapennington) or twitter!