1 – These days I write YA fiction, but at age 10 I wanted my poetry published and refused to submit it to children’s publications, which is why I have a very nice rejection letter from a Canadian quarterly That editor holds a special place in my heart and my 10-year-old produced query letter was pretty stellar. Check it out here for a good laugh.

2 – I adore lists. Like my bucket list, for example!

3 – I love music of every type, and I especially love dissecting great lyrics. My current favorite: Decide what to be and go be it. There was a dream and one day I could see it, like a bird in a cage I broke in and demanded that somebody free it.   – Avett Brothers

4 – 98% of my writing is done between the hours of 10pm and 5am

5 – I’m a compulsive speed-reader and finish most books in one sitting. I find it hard to go to bed with a book unfinished! To date, my 2014 reading list contains over 135 books read.

6 – I love penguins, to a ridiculous extent

7 – April through October I’m a full-time wedding planner, designer and florist, and November through March I’m an insomniac fiction writer.

8 – My favorite quote: “She believed she could, so she did.”