THE SHORT STORY VERSION (as told by Jess):

I’m a novelist (almost) patiently awaiting the publication of my debut YA novel, LOVE SONGS & OTHER LIES, coming out April 2018. I write contemporary YA fiction, mainly romance. There has to be at least some inkling of love! I live in Michigan with my tech-geek husband and my totally adorable 1-year-old son, Rory. Seriously, he’s crazy-adorable. If you don’t believe me check out my instagram feed! When I’m not writing I also own an event design firm where I plan & design weddings. And yes, I do have some good wedding stories–I just can’t share most of them. So basically, my life is all about love!  READ THE NOVEL VERSION

heartdividerBesides an author I’m also a…
Book addict.
Serial Entrepreneur.
Penguin enthusiast.
Eclectic music lover.
Mitten-State Dweller.
Obnoxiously loud laugher.